Welcome to Patrick & Norma

We are Patrick & Norma, two naughty cats living in the South West of England with our Cat Mum, Amy and Cat Dad, Phil.

A Bit About Us

Patrick is a Bengal Savannah Cross who was born in August 2016 and Norma is a purebred Abyssinian born in June 2017. After an easy introduction, they quickly became the best of friends! You can read more about us here!

The Blog

We began our blog when we made the decision to get another cat. We documented the introduction and flourishing friendship and have continued to share stories and information about the two of them and their lives together. You can read our articles here!


We began posting on our Instagram account in October 2016 to document Patrick’s development (and naughtiness) and we have continued to grow and enjoy the Cats of Instagram Community ever since. You can visit us at @PatrickCatson to see more of our antics – we always love to meet new cat lovers!

Working With Us

As Influencers, we love working with brands, be it through our blog or Instagram pages. You can read more about the type of work we do here.